Beauty on the wall: brilliant examples of wall graffiti.

When an idea hit their mind artists find their own ways to express their imagination. One of the great example of this is Street art and Graffiti. When some artists prefer to impress their art on paper,canvas or computer screen, few chose the walls of different buildings and architecture as their canvas and put their masterpiece in them. In today's post I'm showcasing some of the great graffiti around.

EndEndStudio by ~szc:

Flower Fairy by ~szc:

manchester girl by ~n4t4:

Venus in Blue by ~angotti81:

dea bendata by ~originalASKER:

Rea by ~FoRe-F:

Girl in the red dress by ~snikstencilstuff:

The Reckoning by *jasonserres:

Puertas Cerradas by ~koolkiz:

Si esto es un ~koolkiz:

POSTED BY Pushkar Gaur

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