16 most desired brushes for Gimp and Photoshop.

Following is the list of 16 most downloaded brushes collected from top brush provider websites, which every artist should have in their collection. I hope this will help you in you searches.

1: Smoke Brushes: Awesome set of 21 High quality Smoke Brushes in High resolution (2000px) for Gimp and Photoshop cs/cs2/cs3. Download

Smoke Brushes

2: Chaos Circle Brush Set: High quality ancient Chaos Circle Brushes. Download

Chaos Circle

3: Vectors Flowers: Awesome set of vector flower brushes. Download

Vector Flowers

4: Fire Brushes: 9 high resolution fire brushes. Download.

Fire Brushes

5: Star Brushes: 6 high resolution star brushes. Download.

Star Brushes

6: Floral Brushes: 15 floral brushes. Download

Floral Brushes

7: Butterfly Flower Brushes: 30 butterfly flower brushes. Download.

                                             Photoshop brushes

8: Angel-Demon Wings Brushes: 20 Angel and Demon wings Brushes. Download

                                               Photoshop brushes

9: Vintage Voyage Brushes: Taken from Vintage Vogue pattern illustrations. Download

                                               Photoshop brushes

10: Decorative Trees: 12 decorative trees brushes free to download. Download.

                                                Photoshop brushes

11: Frosted Flakes: Wreaths of grungy swirls. Download.

                                               Brush preview

12: Paint Lines Brushes: PaintLines contains 24 HQ brushes (resolution about 2500px) brushes. Download.

                                                Brush preview

13: Fake Glitters: Fake Glitter Brushes. Download.

                                                  Brush preview

14: Human Skin Brushes: Human Skin Brushes pack contains 11 high quality texture-like brushes. Download

                                                  Brush preview

15: Grunge Worn Line Brushes: Grunge worn vector line Photoshop brush pack vol 1. Download.

                                                 Brush preview

16: HD Space Brushes: 12 HD Space Brushes for Photoshop by Nikoloski Borche. Download.

                                               HD Space Brushes V1

That's it I hope you like these brushes.

POSTED BY Pushakr Gaur

2 Responses to : 16 most desired brushes for Gimp and Photoshop.

  1. Very good selection highly appreciated. Thanks. Excellent selection. Curiously, I get a 403 on human brushes and some of the other links.

  2. g0rg0d says:

    I've solved the 403 problem..Thanks for liking..

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