Create Realistic Balloon Head Artwork with Gimp.

Last night while I was stumbling across some beautiful stocks on "" I came across this beautiful stock of a Mouse "Harry". And I was very amazed to know that this picture is taken after his  recovery from chest infection. I really felt bad about him, but now he is healthy and well. Right after that I decided to use Harry in my new tutorial which represents a very funny and cool photo-manipulation technique known as "The Balloon Head".

So lets get started with this tutorial:

Harry the Mouse from Here
And Gimp 2.6 or batter.

Step 1: First open your image in Gimp.

Step 2: Select the portion of head that is going to be enlarged carefully using any selection tool. I prefer Lasso Tool.

Step 3: Now press Ctrl+c to copy the selected portion of Harry. Then create a new layer select that layer and press Ctrl+v to paste the copied part of Harry to New Layer.

Step 4: Now time for the enlargement. Select New Layer (on which the head is pasted). Go to Layer>>Scale Layer and fill up the sizes as shown in the figure below.

Press Scale after filling up the values and you will get something like below as result.

Step 5: Now remains the adjustment of the head to make it look like realistic. So let's do it. First step will be adjusting the head and removing the unwanted parts from the cutout. To do this drag the head cutout on the canvas and set on a proper place as shown below.

After adjusting the head cutout position time to remove the unwanted parts from this cutout. To do this ensure that the New Layer where the head cutout is pasted and then select the Eraser Tool from the toolbox. Then remove all the unwanted areas from head cutout carefully until it starts to look like below.

Step 7: Now one last tweak to make the adjustments look more realistic. First merge both layers by Right Clicking on the New Layer and selection Merge Down. Then select the Smudge Tool from the ToolBox and set the transparency to 90%. Then use it to smudge the line where both the cutout and original images collide. This will smoothify the pasting and make it look like real as shown in the figure below.

Step 8: That's it now save your final image and you have successfully completed your first Balloon Head photo-manipulation. Enjoy..


POSTED BY Pushakr Gaur

4 Responses to : Create Realistic Balloon Head Artwork with Gimp.

  1. TheJoe says:

    ever tried iwarping?

  2. g0rg0d says:

    Yes ,But why did u asked? I mean is it a suggestion or question???

  3. TheJoe says:

    i mean.. for this purpose i personally use the iwarping tool.. it's much more faster than your procedure..

    anyway there's nothing wrong with your post.. ;)

  4. WOW! Very good technique. New to GIMP and looking forward to trying this one.

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