Fantasy brushes that will blow your mind and glow your artwork.

Being a digital artist brushes are the most powerful mediums to create something amazing. Not only medium but these brushes provide perfection and beauty to your work. So today I'm starting my Genre wise top brushes list for both Photoshop and Gimp. And the first genre I;ve selected is "Fantasy", the most widely used artwork theme. Let's explore some really powerful and beautiful fantasy brushes out there in this post....

Dirigibles: Really amazing steampunk type ships and other brushes. Download from HERE.


Fantasy Hair Brushes: Beautiful fantasy brush to add to you fantasy collection. Download form HERE.


Dragon Brushes: There's not fantasy without dragon. So here's dragon brushes to ease your work. Download from HERE.


Dragon Brush Set: We can't get enough dragon right. So there's more for your treasure. Download from HERE.


FREE Fantasy Brushes: Wanna add a magical touch to your artwork, use them. Download from HERE.


Compass Brush Pack: These modern punk Arcaic fantasy brushes will add a whole new dimensions to your directions. Download from HERE.


Dreamy Fantasies 2: Made with Apophysis & PS 7 these brushes enhance your dreamy fantasies. Download from HERE.


Fantasy Lighting Brushes: If you don't have these brushes you have nothing.These brushes with enlighten up your artwork with the amazing fantasy light brush sets they provide. Download from HERE.

Star Drops: These beautiful string drop star brushes will add beauty to your fantasy book. Download from HERE.

Fairy Tale Photoshop Brushes: Impress your fairy tale on canvas with these beautiful Fairy Tale Brushes. Download from HERE.

BirdCages Brushes: Wanna catch your fantasy bird in a cage try one from these brushes. Download from HERE.

Moon Drops: Don't like stars alone, so we got Moon for you also. Where there is moon there's stars(kidding). Download from HERE.

Mythology Silhouette Brushes: Cool silhouette of mythological creatures. Download from HERE

Fantasy Girls Brushes: Beautiful brushes of beautiful fantasy girls. Download from HERE.

Fairy-1 Photoshop Brushes: Now finally some fairies are must. Download from HERE.

POSTED BY Pushkar Gaur

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There's some great brushes in here. Thanks for gathering them.


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