Learn the easiest way to create beveled text in Gimp.

Either it is poster designing or image editing beveled text style is proven to be a classic and massively trusted way of text styling. So today we're going to learn a very simple and easy method for creating beveled text and beveled images also. So lets get it started,

Step 1: Open Gimp and create a new transparent image of size 300x50.

Step 2: Now choose the "Text Tool" for the "Tool Box" and right something on the image you've created.

Merge down the floating text layer on the layer below it.

Step 3: Now right click on the layer with the image on it and choose the "Duplicate Layer". This will create a same layer as one the last one. Now select the second layer from layer window. Go to Colors>>Colorize. This will open a setting window for Colorize. In this window use the lightness slider to set the color of the text on this layer.

After this process the result is something like below:

Step 4: Now select the upper the black text layer from layer window and adjust it according to the shadow you want to apply on your text.

Step 5: Now right click on the second layer or yellow text layer and choose "Alpha to Selection". This action will select the yellow text on canvas.

Step 6: Now select the first layer with black text and press Delete. This will remove all the selected black parts from the image and provide you with something like this.

Step 7: Now just add a light background to this image and you have your beveled text effect ready to use.

Got any question Feel Free to Ask......Enjoy....[*_*]

POSTED BY Pushakr Gaur

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