15 most awesome anime/manga drawings.

I'm a huge fan of Anime and Manga. And today I want to share my love with you people too. Following are some really amazing and beautiful Anime manga drawings that I found on worlds largest online art community So enjoy and share my love with your friends too.

CAT2 cover by *cellar-fcp:

Love You+Hate You by *0Effe0:

Abyssal by =Zaphk:

Tori by *0Effe0:

Anime by ~SEKACH:

pharmacist elf by *masterbimo:

Your Glance by *Dark134:

wolfs hat by *hachiyuki:

wetsuit by *elpinoy:

library by ~tahra:

Blackbird - Immortal by *shilin:

LS In My Darkest hour by =virus-AC74:

Byakuren by ~Ugly-baka-girl:

Hikari by ~Ugly-baka-girl:

Inquisitor by *0Effe0:

POSTED BY Pushkar Gaur

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