Learn the Easiest way of Eye colorization with Gimp.

Well eye colorization is a well discussed and well known technique in photo-manipulation and photo- retouching. One can make his artwork or manipulation a way more fantastic and catching with this method. Out of a huge number of tutorials available for eye-colorization some are for beginners some are for pros, but the technique I'm going to explain in this tutorial  is suitable for all ranges of readers and very easy to follow too. So let's get started with out tutorial.
First a look on the results we are going to achieve through this method:

Resources: Eye Stock from HERE by Lilyas
And our good old Gimp image editor.

Step 1: Open up the stock image in gimp image editor.

Step 2: Now create a new layer with name "col".

Step 3: Select the col layer. Then go to ToolBox and select the Path Tool.

Step 4: Use the Path Tool to select the region around the eye as shown in the figure below.

After selection press enter to get Marching ants round the selection.

Step 5: Now choose the Bucket Fill Tool from Tool Box to fill up the selected region with any color.  Note: Confirm that All of the actions are being applied on the "col" layer.

Step 6: Now in layer modes select Overlay mode for the "col" layer(in which the color is being applied).

Effect of this action is as shown below.

Step 7: First press Ctrl+Shift+A to deselect the selected region. Now select Colors>>Colorize and set the values Lightness: 40 Hue: 241 and Saturation: 50.

Note: This step is fully custom and it's all your preference of color and shades that you want in your result. Set the values for Hue, Lightness and Saturation accordingly.

According to the above setting the result is a shown below:

Step 8: Now go to Filters>>Blur>>Blur. and repeat it 4-6 times until you get result as shown below:

And that's it now just save your image.

and the final result according to some different color combinations is as shown below:

Enjoy and please don't forget to click on the share icons on the sliding bar on Left side cause "sharing is caring". And comments are welcome.

POSTED BY Pushkar Gaur

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