Create awesome typography portrait in just 5 steps with Gimp.

Now a days there's a boom in artistic, sophisticated and outstanding portraits and profile pictures. Every one is showing of his artistic talent in their portraits. But as a beginner it is kind of hard task to create and establish your own style so early. But this does not mean that you can not stand shoulder by shoulder with those people. Actually with a little inspiration+imagination you can create something heavy to ignore even  by the great artists. But to do this first you need to get your basics rock solid so that you can have a firm base when you move further. So in today's tutorial I'm going to introduce you with a very basic but important technique to create typographic portrait or other artworks. You can learn more about typography HERE.

So let's get started with this tutorial but first a look at the result that we are going to achieve with this process.

Resources: Gimp 2.6 or better and an image of your choice I'm using THIS image.

Step 1: Open image with gimp.

Step 2: Now create a new layer below the "Background" layer and name it "Text". Fill it up with #000000 color. Now select the "Text Tool" from the tool menu and fill up the "Text" layer with some text as shown in the figure below.
Note: now it is your work to think of some awesome text as well as awesome way to write it. Check out some examples of typography HERE to get inspired. I'm doing this tutorial with simple typography.

Step 3: Now select the Background Layer and set the layer mode to "Multiply".

Result of above action is as below:

Step 4: Now some final tweaking. Select the "Background" layer and click on the Duplicate Layer button on the bottom of Layer window twice. (number of layer duplication can be changed according to your preferences). This action will duplicate the Background layer twice and will provide some awesome result.

Result of this action is as follows.

Step 5: Now just save this image in your preferred format and that's it.

I hope you'll enjoy this tutorial and please don't forget to comment and share. Check out my other tutorials too.

POSTED BY Pushkar Gaur

7 Responses to : Create awesome typography portrait in just 5 steps with Gimp.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hw do i fill the layer with text? plss tell me....

  2. Taylor says:

    Just add the layer with the background color . Then click the text. Type your words, then just copy and paste til it is filled.

  3. Anonymous says:

    all u guys suck at this

  4. Anonymous says:

    i followed instructions i think to the same as explained but the text stayed white and didn t go the colour of the pic i used like yours did how do i do that please x

  5. Unknown says:

    For anyone that is having trouble
    1. import image of your face
    2. go to layers, create new layer, name it "Text"
    3. fill the "Text" layer black
    4. create a text box the size of the "Text" layer
    5. Fill the text box with the your text, make the text white
    6. Then merge down the text box layer to the "Text" layer
    7. Make sure the new "Text" layer is below your background layer
    8. Then go to the background layer, set mode to multiply
    continue from there

  6. Unknown says:

    Thank My result :D

  7. Anonymous says:

    Im not into graphic design that much so i will not be subscribing to this, but i just want you to know that this really helped me for a project i had to do and i honestly appreciate it. Thanks!

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