10 Most awesome Tech Brushes for Gimp and Photoshop.

Want to create a futuristic movie poster or a sci-fi movie scene. Well than you'll need some cool sci-fi and tech brushes to accomplish this task. Today I'm going to enlist some of the best tech and sci-fi brushes available. So explore the list below to acquire the brush of your choice.

Z-Design Tech Brushes Set-5: These brushes are so awesome. According to one critic review " This tech / interface brush set is what I would call the best tech brush set on the entire internet. The set brings forth both inspiration and endless tech/sci-fi uses.". Download

Abstract - Vector brushes 2 : This brush pack contains some cool vector tech brushes. Download

Z-design Tech brushes set v2: Another z-design brush set. Specialty of this brush pack is the circular tech designs. Download

Tech Brushes: This brush set is a complete pack. Includes: various circles, hexagons, lines, blueprints, diagrams, binary designs (including a Matrix-like binary arrangement), gears, circuits, and other various "tech" shapes. Download

Tech Brushes: One of the oldest tech brushes available and i think largest too. More than 100 tech brushes in one pack.  Download

SK Tech Brush Set 1: Some really abstract tech-ish brushes to push your artwork forward. Downoad

VECTOR-TECH-CURVES HQ: These works are really awesome and what make them awesome is the curved shape.Download

VECTOR-TECH-RINGS HQ: This set contains a very beautiful HIgh-Quality tech rings brushes to boost your artwork. Download

Revo's-Circle-Tech-Brushes-08: Another great circular shape brush set but with a twist. Download

55 Abstract Tech Brushes: Yet another abstract tech brush set. It contains 55 awesome tech brushes. Download

POSTED BY Pushkar Gaur

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