Easiest way to create Instant Sketch with Gimp.

Even though there's a load of ways to create sketches in Gimp but the plugin that i'm going to discuss with you is special cause it not just provide you with the most realistic result but it is easiest to use too.
This plugin is provided by Fx-foundry plugin set which you can download with the help of This Tutorial.
Now let's check out this plugin...

Gimp 2.6 or better with Fx-Foundry installed. Check out THIS tutorial to learn the method to install the Fx-Foundry and other plugins in Gimp.
An image you want to convert to sketch.

Step 1: Load your image in Gimp.

Step 2: Now open Fx-Foudry>>Artistic>>Quick Sketch.

This action will open a settings window for Quick Sketch plugin. Keep the settings to default and press "OK".

And that's it following is the awesome result that we can get with this plugin...

So what do you think about it...Ain't it easy and awesome as well. Enjoy and please don't forget to comment, share and check out my other tutorials.

POSTED BY Pushkar Gaur

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