10 coolest gimp filters for beginners.

I think the best way to learn use of any image editing software is to get acquainted with the plugins available with that software. Today I'm going to enlist 10 new and coolest Filter-Plugins that every gimp beginner should learn and use to speedup his learning process.
  • Filters : 
    • Rainy Landscape : This filter changes a dry landscape into wet one like just after rain. Read More
    • Sunny Landscape : This filter changes a rainy landscape into sunny one. Read More
    • National Geographic : This script simulates a high quality (portrait) photo like these from the National Geographic. Read More
    • Che Guevara : This script generates a poster like the famous one from Jim FitzpatrickRead More
    • Cyanotype : Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that gives a cyan-blue print. The process was popular in engineering circles well into the 20th century. Read More
    • Diana-Holga2b : This script-fu for The Gimp is an attempt to simulate the Diana/Holga Toys Cameras effect. Read More
    • Movie 300 : This script simulates the color style of the movie "300". Read More
    • Obama HOPE : This script generates a poster like the famous Obama "HOPE" one from Shepard FaireyRead More
    • Lomo : This script simulates the Lomo effectRead More
    • Infrared Simulation : Simulate a B&W infrared image. Read More

POSTED BY Pushakr Gaur

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