Gimp Tutorial: Turn a Boring Image Into something Appealing in 10 steps.

I Like Playing with Gimp Plugins and scripts specially with G'mic and x-Foundry. In this tutorial we are going to manipulate a dull and unexciting image into something awesome. To accomplish this task we need following requirements to be fulfilled.

  • I'm using this cool picture by xxxkurotsukikoxxx from deviantart. You can use any Image (could be any photograph which u think is not very appealing)
  • Gimp 2.6 or better.
  • Gimp Plugin Registry [Google it PLZ](best way to learn is to try by yourself,I did the same)
  • Fx-Foundry[Google it too]
  • Gimp-Gmic[Google Again]
I think this will install all what it necessary and required. So let's get started with our tutorial.
Following figure shows the image before and after the whole process we are going to follow.

So let's get Started....

Step 1: Open your image in gimp.

Step 2: Open Filters>>G'Mic from menu-bar.

Step 3: In G'Mic window go to Enhancement>>Anisotropic smoothing and Apply.

Step 4: Next choose Enhancement>>Bilateral Filtering and Apply. Result after this step is shown in the figure below.

Step 5: Now time for some color adjustments. Go to Colors>>Color Balance.

Step 6: In color Balance I prefer the reader to do some tweaking and testing with colors and levels by themselves to get desired result. The setting I've used is only for Midtones color levels and is shown in the figure below.

Result of above steps is as following.

Step 7: Now go back to G'mic and in it go to Lights And Shadows>>Dodge and Burn and Apply. Apply it twice to get a more darker effect.

Result of this effect is as shown below.

Step 8: Now in G'mic go to Artistic>>Graphic Novel FX and Apply.

Result after this effect is shown below.

Step 9: Now go to Fx-Foundry>>Photo>>Enhancement>>Vivid Saturation and apply with default settings.

Result of this effect are as following.

Step 10: Now the last effect. Go to Fx-Foundry>>Photo>>Effects>>LOMO Effect and Apply with default settings.
In layer widow set the transparency of Base and vignetting layers to 40%. Merge all the layers and That's it. We're done. Save the image. Enjoys a new more interesting and cool version of your image.
I hope every step is clear. i you find any problem during the process please comment and ask.

POSTED BY Pushakr Gaur

2 Responses to : Gimp Tutorial: Turn a Boring Image Into something Appealing in 10 steps.

  1. Janet says:

    What an amazing tutorial! Very easy to install plug-ins and scripts. Very easy to follow! I can't tell you how much fun I am having with this!! Thanks so much!

  2. g0rg0d says:

    Thanks Janet, I'm glad you like it....

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