Easiest Way to Create Vector Art with Gimp.

I love vector arts and that's why I always wanted to create some. But unfortunately were very few tutorials for vector art. Even now a days you will not find a easy and beginner level tutorial for creating a perfect vector image from original image. But no more worries, cause ultimately I've found the best and easiest method to do that.


  • Gimp 2.6 or better
  • Gimp G'Mic
  • Any picture you want to convert in to vector. I'm using THIS image in this tutorial.

Ok so let's get started--

Step 1: Load your image in Gimp.

Step 2: Now open Filters>>G'Mic.

Step 3: Now in the G'Mic window open Enhancement>>Bilateral Filtering, And apply with default setting.

Result of this step is as below:

That's smooth right, But we want vector apply the Bilateral Filter again.

ok apply once more (application of the filter depend upon the result. If you get desired result earlier than you can go to next step.)

So out image is now turned into vector illustration. Now what...Let's add the finalizing effect.

Step 4: Open Fx-Foundry>>Photo>>Effects>>Cross Processing Effect. Check the flatten image box and apply.

And the Final result after this effect is as given below:

Who says vector is hard work??? Enjoy...

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26 Responses to : Easiest Way to Create Vector Art with Gimp.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! wow! wow! thank you. I made one of myself and I wont hesitate to use it:)

  2. Xo Ox says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  3. Neat tut! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This has the look of vector art, but it isn't vector art, which would let you edit the vector object.

  5. wonderful blog, like this ...........

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. I wasn't aware of G'MIC.

  7. Thanks for sharing this information its really nice.

    vector free

  8. this isn't vector art, please don't fool the graphic newbies

    you might as well rename this tutorial into "cartoon gimp filters tutorial"
    vector art allows you to zoom in and zoom out without pixelating the image. all the edges and filling and gradients are saved algorithmically in vector art.

    this is just filters.

  9. am i the only one that don't have Bilateral Filtering in my g mic? Damn really frustrating when no one comes across the same problem you you r

  10. gladtobegrey says:

    This is emphatically NOT producing a vector graphic. You are misleading yourself and others. Shame.

  11. This isn't vector art! I was initially excited about a beginning vector tut until I got to step 2.... :/

  12. Chad says:

    I don't think you know what Vector Graphic's are.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am dissatisfied :(

  14. Anonymous says:

    Creating "vector art" requires you to map out the image as a set of discrete objects such that detail is infinitely scalable.

    It's not a f'ing cel-shaded artistic style, it's a technical format.

    If you actually want to do it like this (conversion), you'll want to open the final file in InkScape or similar and use the "Bitmap Trace" tool.

    Have a read here for more info:

  15. Anonymous says:

    I cant find the G'mic thing. My filters menu doesn't have that :( I'm taking commissions on deviantART for OC MLP FiM ponies and after doing all the work someone refused to pay me because the pony wasn't in "vectors" (I don't even know what that means) I don't have my own internet, I use my library's, and they don't have Adobe Illustrator or that Inkscape and they have a lock on all computers that don't let you download anything. Even the librarians cant lift the lock. I was looking around for a way that GIMP can make vectors because that's all the library computers will give me and I got all excited when I found this. But then I couldn't find g'mic in my GIMP window :( is there any other way? Not InkScape or Adobe Illustrator. I don't care how much extra work it is in GIMP, I'd like to have the option.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous from the library, you can apparently not do real vectors in Gimp. You should probably get your own computer, too. You can get something decent to do some basic graphics (definitely better than the average library computer, I know cause I worked in one) for around 300$. To know what vectors are, you should search about them (just google "vector graphics", or "vector graphics vs raster graphics").

    And to use the plugin the author is talking about, you have to download and install it, which you probably can't do in your computer either.

    I feel sorry you did work for someone and didn't get paid, but the person probably mentioned somewhere he or she wanted it in vectors. If it is the case, it is your fault for not knowing what you're doing. Take some time to learn more, and know what you can or cannot do.

    And this article disappointed me. I was trying to find a way to do real vectors in Gimp, but I guess there's no way to do it.

  17. Wow!!! great tutorial & nice blog. Thanks

  18. Anonymous says:

    I'm a bit disappointed. I thought I would have found a vector tutorial, but this is not vector graphics. Maybe you should change the post name.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but this is not producing Vector Graphics. Please change the title into "Converting real photo to comicstyle - Tutorial" or extend your tutorial so that it covers the conversion in Inkscape as well.


  20. Anonymous says:

    Would be nice with a new version of this article compatible with GMIC in 2015

  21. John Mark says:

    Waw! Nice post. I want to thank you for this great article. You are really expert on vector art. I think, you are know about Raster To Vector Service.

  22. Wow!!! great tutorial & nice blog.
    I can draw vector cartoon character’s for you.

  23. Great informative article. Thanks for sharing this insightful post.Hope you will share new informative post on background removal service. Thanks again

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